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Respond to the question: algorithm for binary prediction neuroim?

07/20/2000 12:29 PM by Thomas Liu;
Thanks! I will cite the Fudenberg and Levine paper. If anyone is interested, I have attached a MATLAB version of the binary prediction program function [predx,ftop, score,lscore] = binpredict(x,numpred); %
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07/15/2000 04:16 PM by David Levine; Source code posted.
I am posting the source code. It should be available by Monday July 16, and can be accessed from the bottom of the page containing the games. [View full text and thread]

07/13/2000 12:37 PM by Thomas Liu; algorithm for binary prediction? -- neuroimaging appication
Hi, I am in the Dept. of Radiology at UCSD and am doing some work on experimental designs for functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain. Many of the designs can be characterized as a binary strings. I am interested in coming up with a metric for how "learnable" or predictable a binary string is. I found your binary string prediction program on the web and was wondering if it would be possible to obtain a copy of the algorithm -- my goal would be to run the algorithm in an environment like MATLAB to then see how predictable various sequences are. If this algorithm is already in the Fudenberg and Levine paper then any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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