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12/15/2000 12:10 PM by Koula Amanatidis;question
I will be teaching an intro econ class at an Academy in Chicago and this is my first college level econ class that I will be teaching. Do you have any suggestions about any books, research materials, or websites that will facilitate me [View full text and thread]

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07/13/2000 08:23 PM by name withheld; Paying off the National Debt
What benefits would we have paying off the National Debt? What I understand, in the future we may be able to pay this off. What would happen to the surplus of money generated after the National Debt is paid off? Would this hurt the economy and put us in a recession? I think that by leaking money out of the economy, there will be a decrease in investment spending causing a decrease in aggregate supply and GDP. This shift of the AS curve will also increase the CPI. As this trend continues, recession occurs. If severe enough, could end the surpluses and decrease the economy and end the ability to pay down debt. What is your opinion on paying off the National Dept?

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04/08/2000 06:27 AM by Silvinha Vasconcelos; delator
I'd like to know about the existence of works related with the denouncement behaviour. Best regards, Silvinha Vasconcelos Economy Department Federal University of Pernambuco - Brazil [View full text and thread]