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01/02/2001 01:25 PM by Rodrigo; Mechanism design
I recommend "A Course in Microeconomics Theory" by David KREPS (Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1990). Take a look at chapter 18, called "the revelation principle and mechanism design". In the end of the chapter, Kreps refers to some surveys and
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12/28/2000 02:49 PM by Jair Ojeda; Mechanisms Design
Hello! I've been reading about some of Mechanisms Design Theory from Mass - Colel's book but I would like to find some book or paper at a more introductory level. The truth is that I don't understand well how this theory can be useful for economic analysis. i took a look to Osborne and Rubinstein's chapter about implementation but it seemed difficult to me again. I need some fruitful example or aplication. Could you help me please?
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