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01/21/2004 09:05 PM by name withheld; applications of game teory
I want to know aboat the applications of game teory
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03/16/2003 02:51 PM by name withheld; Morris and Shin
Morris and Shin are writing in those are. Go to googld and search 'Morris Shin', which will lead you to their homepage. [View full text and thread]

02/27/2003 08:21 AM by Kim; Game Theory & the Stock Market
I am attempting to do research on applying game theory to the stock market. Can a relationship be shown between market efficiency theory and game theory? Have there been any studies done on the stock market and the use of game theory? Has there been any research suggesting/disproving the use of game theory might improve payoffs in the stock market? Any information that might point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. [Manage messages]