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03/11/2003 06:35 PM by Thomas; Re: Adding strategies
Thanks very much, that's just the kind of thing I was looking for. It's sort of a modified Prisoner's Dilemma.
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03/11/2003 02:21 PM by Mike Shor; Re: Adding strategies
Here is a simple example:

10,10 0,0
11,0 1,1

Note that in the above game, the row player has a dominant strategy (the lower one) and hence the equilibrium results in payoffs of (1,1). If the row player could eliminate the second strategy (or commit to the top strategy) the equilibrium payoffs become (10,10). Hope that helps.

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03/10/2003 06:17 PM by Thomas; Adding strategies may be harmful
Can someone give me an example of a simple, non-zero sum, two person game where adding a strategy makes the game worse for the player who gets the additional strategy? This is kind of paradoxical because you'd think intuitively that if [View full text and thread]