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08/11/2009 03:17 PM by Karol Bonenberg; Game theory and Corporate Governance?
I had good materials during game theory course on LSE -, also a classic book Theory of Games and Economic Behavior. If you're looking for a broader view on this subject, Adam
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04/08/2009 07:04 AM by name withheld; Hey I want to do my dissertation in game theory and corporate governance
Anybody knows good overviews, books a.s.o.... [View full text and thread]

03/29/2009 12:49 AM by name withheld;
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03/03/2005 08:17 AM by Ivan Etzo; Game theory and corporate finance
Hi! I've got the same problem... I've decided to do my dissertation in the same field and I'm looking for papers and bibliografy. We can keep in touch if you want in order to help each other. Bye Ivan [View full text and thread]

06/22/2004 06:00 PM by Finmaster; Game theory and Corporate Governance
I am doing my thesis for Master in Finance on the application of the game theory in corporate finance models. I want to know where can I get bibliography, papers, or any thesis about this subject. It is very interesting and can help very much. What has been written about these??
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