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07/17/2004 09:38 AM by Burkhard C. Schipper; Ambguity in Games
Thanks for your reply. I will check the reference. Together with Juergen Eichberger and David Kelsey, I currently work on such project. [Manage messages]

04/23/2004 01:31 AM by Colin Camerer; ambiguity in games, experimentally
See my paper (Camerer and Karjalainen, in book edited by Machina proceedings of FUR conference around 1995). i don't think there is much more on ambiguity in games experimentally, a great topic [View full text and thread]

05/17/2002 12:34 PM by Burkhard C. Schipper; Testing Ambiguity in Games
Are there any experimental tests of effects of ambiguity on games? By ambiguity I mean Knightian uncertainty a la Choquet expected utility theory. There are quite a couple of experimental studies on ambiguity in unilateral decision [View full text and thread]