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Ask a question about: Napster
Respond to the question: Morally Wrong yet Good?

02/15/2005 09:17 AM by name withheld; Critical flaws in that reasoning.
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12/06/2004 08:34 PM by name withheld; Morally Wrong yet Good.
What you are proposing is an entirely different cultural context. In our present context what you are advocating would be considered morally wrong by the majority of Americans; take the extreme example: a popular "artist"/producer records a CD, the album is very popular but only one CD is sold and the rest are copied and distributed, all that work and no reward. Anyone would be struck by the unfairness of this outcome.

The brilliance of your idea is the cultural revolution it entails: no more Britney Spears et al. We can remove the quotes and only the artist remains. [Manage messages]