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03/29/2006 05:25 PM by gaurav; i am a management student wanting to study or
i am a management student in india and have heard lot about the subject. i have studied the basics but cant understand how it is helpful in the management. hence i will try to learn some lessons through this site
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02/11/2006 05:51 AM by Michael Phillips; Practical applications of Game Theory in Business
For 10 years now we have been working with a diverse global base of clients to a address a variety of complex multi player business issues these firms were facing. We use a form of Game Theory called Ordinal Non-Cooperative Game Theory. [View full text and thread]

02/10/2006 07:23 PM by A.ALmahdy; Game theory in Management
Could you tell me Game Theory applications in Management ??
URLs or references
thanks in advance
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