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01/25/2007 03:11 PM by Grant Rawlins, PhD; John Nash, winning by non-cooperation
I am a psychologist, and am not at all sophisicated in game theory. My understanding of non-cooperation in an organized endeavor aimed at a goal, is that if you are not a leader but want to win the leadership (not necessaiily to
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01/07/2007 02:57 PM by name withheld; IPD with incomplete information?
What is IPD? What is the context of incomplete informaion? No discounting (delta=1)? [Manage messages]

01/04/2007 02:38 AM by Athina Tellidou; Cooperation in IPD with incomplete information
Hello! Happy new year! It's the first time I am posting. I'm interested in repeated prisoner's dilemma. Particularly, I'm studying the infinitely repeated (non-zero sum) games with incomplete information with no discounting. I have [View full text and thread]