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02/03/2000 12:59 PM by Carolyn Seydel; Clarification
I was thinking of a problem with entry and exit of agents. So say that n agents of each of the two types enter every period. Types change in the sense that after a type 1 trades with a type 2, he becomes a new type (someone with the
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02/02/2000 07:50 PM by Pedro Dal Bó; How many players?
How many players of each type are in this game?

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02/02/2000 03:50 PM by Carolyn S.; Subgame Perfection in Infinite Horizon without Discounting
Is this a subgame perfect equilibrium of an infinite horizon sequential bargaining game with two types and NO discounting: Type 1 demands whole pie refuses everything else, Type 2 offers whole pie, accepts anything? (Assuming agents [View full text and thread]