Instructions for the Public Goods Experiment

You have an "endowment" of two points. You may either keep your points or you may contribute both of them to a common pool. Your final points are equal to the number of points you kept plus half the total number of points in the common pool.

For example, if you donate your points, and there are 20 points (including the 2 you contributed) in the common pool, then you get 10 points. If instead you choose to keep your points, you would have 2 points, plus half of the remaining 18 points in the common pool for a total of 11 points.

I will keep my points

I will donate my points

Check the top box if you wish to keep your points. Check the bottom box if you wish to donate your points.

After you have checked the appropriate box fold the sheet in half and pass it to the front of the room.