This is the registration form from the website. Please note that the subject pool database is used solely to record financial transactions. Results of experiments are kept in a separate anonymous database.

In order to participate in an experiment, you must first be in our subject pool data base. You are identified in the subject pool by your social security number. Please type your social security number to find out if you are already in the subject pool.

By signing up you consent to be contacted to participate in experiments at SSEL.

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When you participate in an experiment, you will be paid a show-up fee plus an amount for your participation that depends on the outcome of the experiment.


Subjects in the database are notified of upcoming experiments by email. Signups are completely voluntary.


CASSEL Experiment Sign-up Page and Informed Consent Agreement

There is an experiment scheduled for 09-08-2000
Start Time: 15:30:00
End Time: 17:30:00

Minimum Participation Fee: $10.00
Participation in this experiment is completely voluntary. During the experiment, you will be asked to play a game in which you interact anonymously with other subjects through a computer network. You will receive payments based on how you and they respond. You will be told the rules of the game before playing, and you will not be deceived in anyway. If you show up for the experiment you will receive at least the minimum participation fee although you may receive substantially more. Your social security number will be used for accounting purposes only, and the way you play during the game will be completely anonymous.

After reading the informed consent agreement above, if you would like to sign up for the experiment please enter your social security number below and click on the "Sign-Up" Button.


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