Please read the informed consent and privacy agreement below, then enter your email address in the box and press "continue". Fill out and submit at least the required information of name and social security number in the registration form that appears. We will contact you by email to let you know of forthcoming experiments, or you may sign up for experiments on our calendar.

This sign-up form and website enable you to register to participate in experiments taking place at UCLA and/or Caltech. In order to participate in an experiment, you must first be in our subject pool database. To determine if you are already in our pool and to contact you, we identify you by your e-mail address. In order to make payments to you, we require your name and social security number. By signing up you consent to be contacted to participate in experiments at Caltech or UCLA. Information you enter into our database is used only by staff at CASSEL (the UCLA lab) and Hacker (the Caltech lab) and only to organize and administer experiments and to keep records of payments. This information will not be released to third parties, including researchers at the two labs.

CASSEL and Hacker conduct experiments using games played over a computer network to study group decision making. The data from these experiments may be used widely in research by scientists inside and outside of these labs. However, your anonymity is preserved in this research data no information that identifies you will be available to any researcher or third party, and all such information is kept in a secure database that is separate from any database or data used for research purposes.

Registration in the database and participation in experiments is completely voluntary. By registering with the database you are only authorizing us to contact you, you are not obliged to participate in any experiment. You may refuse to participate in any experiment or be removed from our subject database at any time without any penalty.

Some studies may have consent agreements that differ from this one. This will be clearly indicated on the sign-up form for that experiment, and you will need to read that agreement before signing up for that experiment.

If you have any questions about CASSEL, the CASSEL website, or the experiments conducted in the laboratory, please contact David Avery, Laboratory Manager, at (310) 825-7703 or via email at:

If you have further questions, comments, or concerns about any particular study or the informed consent process, you may write or call the Office from Protection of Research Subjects, 2107 Ueberroth, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1694, (310) 825-8714.

Participants in any study at CASSEL do not waive any legal rights through their participation.

To register to enter the subject pool database, please enter your email address below, and fill out all the information the subsequent form. By providing us with this information you are certifying that you have read the informed consent agreement above. When you come to the lab, you will also be asked to sign a copy of the agreement before participating in any experiment.