CASSEL Experiment Participation Consent Agreement

This sign-up form and website enable you to register to participate in experiments taking place at UCLA. Before registering as a participant, please read the informed consent and privacy agreement below. If you press "accept" you will enter the information into our database and certify that you have read this agreement. Once registered, we will contact you by email to let you know of forthcoming experiments, or you may sign up for experiments in our calendar.

The information you provide will be used to contact you about forthcoming experiments. Information you enter into our database is used only to organize and administer experiments. This information will not be released to third parties. Registration in the database and participation in experiments is completely voluntary. You may refuse to participate in any experiment or be removed from our subject database at any time without any penalty.

CASSEL conducts experiments in Economics Game Theory using games played over a computer network to study group decision making. Subjects are presented with scenarios based on economics principals and asked to make economic choices. You will be paid for you participation in cash, at the end of the experiment. Different subjects may earn different amounts. What you earn depends partly on your decisions, partly on the decisions of others, and partly on chance. You will be provided with detailed instructions for playing the games during the course of the experiment. You will not be deceived in any way during the course of the experiment. Your participation in this experiment is voluntary, and you may chose not to participate in the study without penalty. Should you chose to cease participation in thes study at any time during the proceedings, you may collect the show up fee and are under no further obligations to the laboratory. The data from these experiments may be used widely in research by scientists inside and outside of these labs. However, your anonymity is preserved in this research data - no information that identifies you will be made available to any researcher or third party.

In order to participate in an experiment, you will have to sign a written copy of this agreement. In order to receive payment, you will have to sign a payment receipt indicating the amount of money you were paid. Payment information is for accounting purposes only; it is not available to researchers, and it will be kept only in written form. Information on the payment receipts will not be copied to any computer or kept on any network.

Some studies may have consent agreements that differ from this one. This will be clearly indicated on the sign-up form for that experiment, and you will need to read that agreement before signing up for that experiment.

If you have any questions about CASSEL, the CASSEL website, or the experiments conducted in the laboratory, please contact David Avery, Laboratory Manager, at (310) 825-7703 or via email at:

If you have further questions, comments, or concerns about any particular study or the informed consent process, you may write or call the Office for Protection of Research Subjects, 2107 Ueberroth, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1694, (310) 825-8714.

Participants in any study at CASSEL do not waive any legal rights through their participation.

To register to enter the subject pool database, please enter your name, school, email address, and phone number. By pressing the accept button, you are entering this information into our database, and certifying that you have read this agreement