Elsevier Science  

Ted Bergstrom is organizing a campaign against professional journals that take advantage of librarians' ignorance to charge excessively for subscriptions. He has compiled a rogue's list of economics journals that charge $1000 per year or more to libraries. Strikingly, none of them are top journals and most of them are published by Elsevier. By way of comparison, Ted also has data on what other more respectable journals charge - The AER, JPE, Econometrica, QJE and REStud all charge libraries under $200 per year. Like Ted I intend to stop providing editorial services to rogue journals, and I urge you to do the same (unless of course they give us a cut of the money they are earning from the libraries). Except for those journals you find indispensible, you might urge your library to terminate their subscriptions as well.