Development Team


(note: this list is incomplete: if you should be here let me know or add yourself)

Creator and Project Maintainer:

David Levine

Programming Team:

Brent Baccala
Gerhard Hagerer
David K. Levine
Gunnar Teege


Milena Davidson-Levine
Daniel Kopsas
David Levine

Icons and Artwork:

Mick Enright
Davidson Gerard
Jon Harsem


Aaron Busca and Pierre Couillard: Basque, Spanish and French
Gerhard Hagerer: German
Marco Poletti: Italian
Dirk Schouten: Dutch


Sven Augustin
Clinton Smith

Third Party Software:

Bruno Lowage, Paulo Soares and iText
Mark Stephens and


Originally written by David Levine, with major code contributions by Gunnar Teege. Brent Baccala contributed code and suggestions, and Peter J. G. Long made many suggestions and has done an enormous amount of testing. A number of people at made suggestions for improvement and tested early versions of the software. Walter Yuan was always helpful with advice and code when needed.