Documentation Comments and Questions

This page is for comments and questions about the documentation. If parts of the documentation are unclear or need expansion, you can mark them directly using green, but also leave a comment here to direct our attention to the request.

Home Page
the on-line demo think seems like it does not work...
*will check on this

What does the Menu item File-->Pencentric do? Couldn't find it in the documentation (just the command line switch -pen).

I can not find anywhere in the documentation or in the software on how to remove/delete a page, is this even possible? If not should be added to limitations and as a future feature.

I think that the help from the menu bar should take you directly to the documentation page of the wiki not the home page. It was hard for me to see that there was a documentation page from the home page.

Also it would be nice if there was a more obvious forum where new users (like me) can ask their first questions as they get to know how to use the software. The forum support (with emails etc) used by zotero is very good IMHO.

--carhogg 2012-04-13--