Jarnal - Linking

by David K. Levine

In the application, but not the applet, you can set and traverse hyperlinks to internal and external files. Any object - image, stroke or textbox can have a link. To insert a link, choose the "Insert Link" tool and click on the object you want to add the link to. This brings up a dialog allowing you to set an manipulate the link for that object. For file links, an "internal link" causes the target file to be saved inside the .jaj file as an "extra" file and the link to point to the copy saved in the .jaj file. You can also copy links to existing extra files to the clipboard from the internal file manager. The "Rel" button toggle file links from relative to absolute. The "Paste" button pastes links from the clipboard.

To use a link, click on the "Browse" icon next to the text mode icon, then click on the object with the link. For non-Jarnal files, the target will open in your web-browser, by default Firefox. Jarnal files will be opened by Jarnal - in a new window if the file is not already opened. You can link to specific pages in Jarnal files - copy the target page to the clipboard and when you set the link use the paste button (no other form of pasting such as ctrl-v will work). Note that page references are to the actual page not the page of that number, so if the location of the page moves the reference will still be correct. Copying a page creates a new page reference, while cutting a page puts a page on the clipboard containing the old page reference. So if you cut and paste a page, references to the page will still point to that page. You should be able to reference pages in Jarnal files embedded in other Jarnal files to any depth.