Jarnal - Documentation

by David K. Levine and Gunnar Teege

Trouble Shooting
Release Notes


The Basics

Collaboration and Networking

Annotation and Background Files

Handwriting Recognition


Helper Applications

Advanced Information [includes modifying toolbars]

How to Use Word Documents as Backgrounds


Release Notes

Jarnal screenshot

The Wishlist: Things that Jarnal doesn't currently do in somwhat order of priority

  • Add more graphical export formats besides jpg and pdf.
  • Show the accelerator keys on the menu.
  • Variable width textboxes that grow as you type so that they you can stick several on the same line
  • Resizing inserted images uses the Text function; allow resizing of images through selecting the image
  • Copy html text and pictures from external applications into Jarnal. (The other way works if you use at least Java 1.5.)
  • Improved/asynchronous operation of the collaboration feature
  • Improved tools: add a sticky arrow; put the sticky/non-sticky ruler/arrow tools on the context menu; add an option for making the selection sticky
  • Work with digitally signed pdfs
  • Allow users to customize menus
  • Text rotation
  • Other text stuff: ascii carriage return options, apply changes to all frames, line numbering, justification, line spacing, sub/superscripts, clickable .jaj backgrounds,clicking on link brings up menu of links
  • Add authorship information to the undo stack; add bookmarks to the undo stack
  • Branching and scenarios for the redo stack.
  • Providing import/export compatibility with Gournal/Xournal.