Jarnal - FAQ

by David K. Levine

Trouble Shooting
Release Notes

How do I move a text box?

To move a text box you do not drag on the handles, you select it using the selection tool. You change the width by dragging the upper right handle, and the height (if it is a flowed box) by dragging on the bottom left handle. Clicking with the mouse in text mode starts a new text box with upper left where you clicked. Text boxes by default extend most of the way across the page. If you try to start a new text box to the right of an existing one by clicking it probably won't work, because you clicked in an existing textbox, which selects text rather than creating a new box. You must first change the width of your existing box to make space for the new one, then click to get the new box.

How do I save my settings so that they will still be there when I open a new document? 

Settings are saved in .jaj files. If you want to change the defaults for a new document you must open the document from a "template" file (command option -t name_of_template). The macros that are used to start jarnal use a template file called "default.jaj" for opening a new window for taking notes, and "annotate.jaj" for opening a new pdf file. To change your options choose File | Options | Edit Current Template. A window will open enabling you to edit the template file. Make the changes you want then save the template file.

How do I draw a straight line?

Use the ruler.

I want to draw a whole bunch of straight lines and I'm tired of having to choose the ruler for each line

Choose "sticky" ruler from the tools menu. This will keep the ruler in play until you explicitly turn it off. Also you may be interested in the "ctrl-a" key which repeats the last menu command. So if you need to erase a bunch of stuff, you could choose the eraser, then keep hitting "ctrl-a" to get it back.

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