What this list is (and is not)

This list is an effort to create a dynamically (and mechanically) updated list of new papers freely available on the internet of interest to economic theorists. It is quality controlled, with the aim of "good enough (eventually) for Journal of Economic Theory," but the papers are not read or refereed. Quality control is controlled by the source (which working paper series are used) and author (people with established track records of publishing papers of the requisite quality).

The system is designed to use RePEc data, and is limited by the fact that many working series either do not report their data to RePEc, do so incompletely, or are no longer actively maintained. At the moment I can find useful RePEc data only for UCLA and Northwestern. If you have a working paper series focused on economic theory and have formatted it properly for RePEc, let me know. If you have a broader working paper series, I can also use that, provided I have a list of authors for the series who write papers of interest to theorists.

In addition to being formatted for RePEc your list of articles must be contained in a single rdf file - if you use different rdf files for different time periods, I cannot currently use your data. To be useful, your data must contain valid file creation dates in the format YYYYMMDD.

If you are desperate you can email me a paper and ask me to add it to my own working paper archive. Papers that go in my archive all appear in the Economic Theory News as well as RePEc. I will only add the paper if I think it appropriate.

Note that I will not list proprietary series that require passwords or otherwise limit access.


The software used to generate the page from RePEc data I am placing in the public domain here. To use the program, unzip it and edit the wjecon.conf file to suit yourself (the options are reasonably self-documenting). Then run wjecon.php3 by invoking a command-line php interpreter as

php -q wjecon.php3 >name_of_your_html_file.htm

If you want, you can run this every night using cron or the windows task scheduler. It creates an html file with the list of papers from RePEc.

You can change the jpg files to images of your own choice; same with the style-sheet wjecon.css. The html files were generated using the php files and are included to show what you are supposed to get when you are successful. The penn/princeton-rdf.* files are used to generate rdf-like data for the penn and princeton theory working papers from their web data since they don't provide proper RePEc data. If you need to index a series that isn't found on RePEc you might want to look at these programs to see how they work.

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