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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 02-15-2019

Fudenberg, Drew and David K Levine [2019-01-31]: "Learning in Games and the Interpretation of Natural Experiments," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Attar, Andrea, Thomas Mariotti and François Salanié [2019-01-30]: "On competitive nonlinear pricing," Theoretical Economics.

Block, Juan I., Drew Fudenberg and David K. Levine [2019-01-30]: "Learning dynamics with social comparisons and limited memory," Theoretical Economics.

Elliott, Matthew L. and Francesco Nava [2019-01-30]: "Decentralized bargaining in matching markets: efficient stationary equilibria and the core," Theoretical Economics.

Faro, José Heleno and Jean-Philippe Lefort [2019-01-30]: "Dynamic objective and subjective rationality," Theoretical Economics.

Foerster, Manuel [2019-01-30]: "Dynamics of strategic information transmission in social networks," Theoretical Economics.

Galperti, Simone [2019-01-30]: "A theory of personal budgeting," Theoretical Economics.

Ke, Shaowei [2019-01-30]: "Boundedly rational backward induction," Theoretical Economics.

Noda, Shunya [2019-01-30]: "Full surplus extraction and within-period ex post implementation in dynamic environments," Theoretical Economics.

Sobel, Joel [2019-01-30]: "Iterated weak dominance and interval-dominance supermodular games," Theoretical Economics.

Tierney, Ryan [2019-01-30]: "On the manipulability of efficient exchange rules," Theoretical Economics.

Hatfield, John William, Scott Duke Kominers, Alexandru Nichifor, Michael Ostrovsky and Alexander Westkamp [2019-01-28]: "Full substitutability," Theoretical Economics.

Silva, Francisco [2019-01-28]: "Renegotiation proof mechanism design with imperfect type verification," Theoretical Economics.

Duncan, Alfred J. M. and Charles Nolan [2019-01-25]: "Disputes, debt and equity," Theoretical Economics.

Kambe, Shinsuke [2019-01-25]: "An N-person war of attrition with the possibility of a non-compromising type," Theoretical Economics.

Szydlowski, Martin [2019-01-11]: "Incentives, project choice, and dynamic multitasking," Theoretical Economics.

Loertscher, Simon and Cédric Wasser [2019-01-04]: "Optimal structure and dissolution of partnerships," Theoretical Economics.

Yamamoto, Yuichi [2018-12-17]: "Stochastic games with hidden states," Theoretical Economics.

Auster, Sarah and Piero Gottardi [2018-12-13]: "Competing mechanisms in markets for lemons," Theoretical Economics.

Mackenzie, Andrew [2018-12-10]: "A foundation for probabilistic beliefs with or without atoms," Theoretical Economics.

Monzon, Ignacio [2018-11-30]: "Observational learning in large anonymous games," Theoretical Economics.

Awaya, Yu and Vijay Krishna [2018-11-28]: "Communication and cooperation in repeated games," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K and Salvatore Modica [2018-10-30]: "Survival of the Weakest: Why the West Rules," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Gershkov, Alex, Benny Moldovanu and Xianwen Shi [2018-10-23]: "Voting on multiple issues: what to put on the ballot?," Theoretical Economics.


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