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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 09-25-2017

[2017-09-20]: "," Theoretical Economics.

Frankel, Alex and Navin Kartik [2017-09-20]: "What kind of central bank competence?," Theoretical Economics.

Chavas, Jean-Paul, Martina Menon, Elisa Pagani and Federico Perali [2017-09-11]: "Collective household welfare and intra-household inequality," Theoretical Economics.

Kikuchi, Tomoo, Kazuo Nishimura and John Stachurski [2017-09-11]: "Span of control, transaction costs and the structure of production chains," Theoretical Economics.

Bosmans, Kristof, Koen Decancq and Erwin Ooghe [2017-09-06]: "Who's afraid of aggregating money metrics?," Theoretical Economics.

Block, Juan I, Drew Fudenberg and David K Levine [2017-08-17]: "Learning Dynamics Based on Social Comparisons," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Kolotilin, Anton [2017-08-01]: "Optimal information disclosure: a linear programming approach," Theoretical Economics.

Kamada, Yuichiro and Fuhito Kojima [2017-07-27]: "Stability and strategy-proofness for matching with constraints: a necessary and sufficient condition," Theoretical Economics.

Liu, Heng [2017-07-26]: "Efficient dynamic mechanisms in environments with interdependent valuations: the role of contingent transfers," Theoretical Economics.

Tsoy, Anton [2017-07-26]: "Alternating-offer bargaining with the global games information structure," Theoretical Economics.

Plantin, Guillaume and Hyun Song Shin [2017-07-21]: "Exchange rates and monetary spillovers," Theoretical Economics.

Nishimura, Hiroki [2017-06-28]: "The transitive core: inference of welfare from nontransitive preference relations," Theoretical Economics.

Lehrer, Ehud and Eilon Solan [2017-06-14]: "High frequency repeated games with costly monitoring," Theoretical Economics.

Kotowski, Maciej H. [2017-06-06]: "On asymmetric reserve prices," Theoretical Economics.


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