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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 06-15-2024

Passadore, Juan and Juan Pablo Xandri Antuna [2024-06-14]: "Robust predictions in dynamic policy games," Theoretical Economics.

Brandl, Florian and Felix Brandt [2024-06-10]: "An axiomatic characterization of Nash equilibrium," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K [2024-06-06]: "Behavioral Mechanism Design as a Benchmark for Experimental Studies," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Balbuzanov, Ivan and Maciej H. Kotowski [2024-05-31]: "The property rights theory of production networks," Theoretical Economics.

Frick, Mira and Yuhta Ishii [2024-05-31]: "Innovation adoption by forward-looking social learners," Theoretical Economics.

Jehiel, Philippe [2024-05-16]: "Auction Design with Data-Driven Misspecifications: Inefficiency in Private Value Auctions with Correlation," Theoretical Economics.

Nebel, Jacob M. [2024-05-16]: "Extensive measurement in social choice," Theoretical Economics.

Achim, Peter and Jan Knoepfle [2024-05-13]: "Relational enforcement," Theoretical Economics.

Banerjee, Soumen, Yi-Chun Chen and Yifei Sun [2024-05-13]: "Direct implementation with evidence," Theoretical Economics.

Barelli, Paulo and Srihari Govindan [2024-05-13]: "Existence of monotone equilibria in large double auctions," Theoretical Economics.

Brandl, Florian and Felix Brandt [2024-05-13]: "A natural adaptive process for collective decision-making," Theoretical Economics.

Chen, Yiqiu and Markus Möller [2024-05-13]: "Regret-free truth-telling in school choice with consent," Theoretical Economics.

Deng, Shanglyu, Qiang Fu, Zenan Wu and Yuxuan Zhu [2024-05-13]: "Contests with sequential entry and incomplete information," Theoretical Economics.

Doval, Laura and Vasiliki Skreta [2024-05-13]: "Optimal mechanism for the sale of a durable good," Theoretical Economics.

Ekici, Özgün [2024-05-13]: "Pair-efficient reallocation of indivisible objects," Theoretical Economics.

Fabbri, Giorgio, Silvia Faggian and Giuseppe Freni [2024-05-13]: "On competition for spatially distributed resources in networks," Theoretical Economics.

Kocourek, Pavel, Jakub Steiner and Colin Stewart [2024-05-13]: "Boundedly rational demand," Theoretical Economics.

Lang, Xu and Debasis Mishra [2024-05-13]: "Symmetric reduced form voting," Theoretical Economics.

Patil, Sanket and Yuval Salant [2024-05-13]: "Optimal sample sizes and statistical decision rules," Theoretical Economics.

Zhao, Wei, Claudio Mezzetti, Ludovic Renou and Tristan Tomala [2024-05-13]: "Contracting over persistent information," Theoretical Economics.

Tatur, Tymon [2024-04-24]: "On bargaining norms as solutions to cost-minimization problems," Theoretical Economics.

Silva, Francisco [2024-04-22]: "Information transmission in persuasion models with imperfect verification," Theoretical Economics.

Kambhampati, Ashwin [2024-04-16]: "Robust performance evaluation of independent agents," Theoretical Economics.

Bhaskar, V., Wojciech Olszewski and Thomas Wiseman [2024-04-15]: "Robust relational contracts with subjective performance evaluation," Theoretical Economics.


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