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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 01-16-2017

Hernando-Veciana, Angel and Fabio Michelucci [2017-01-12]: "Inefficient rushes in auctions," Theoretical Economics.

Farinha Luz, Vitor [2017-01-05]: "Characterization and uniqueness of equilibrium in competitive insurance," Theoretical Economics.

Barron, Daniel [2016-12-13]: "Attaining efficiency with imperfect public monitoring and one-sided Markov adverse selection," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K and Salvatore Modica [2016-12-13]: "An Evolutionary Model of Intervention and Peace," Levine's Working Paper Archive - Offsite.

Buturak, Gökhan and Özgür Evren [2016-12-06]: "Choice overload and asymmetric regret," Theoretical Economics.

Bloise, Gaetano, Yiannis Vailakis and Herakles Polemarchakis [2016-12-05]: "Sovereign debt and incentives to default with uninsurable risks," Theoretical Economics.

Fudenberg, Drew, Gleb Romanyuk and Philipp Strack [2016-12-05]: "Active learning with a misspecified prior," Theoretical Economics.

Hiller, Timo [2016-11-07]: "Friends and enemies: a model of signed network formation," Theoretical Economics.

Dutta, Bhaskar and Rajiv Vohra [2016-10-14]: "Rational expectations and farsighted stability," Theoretical Economics.

Cooke, Kevin [2016-10-02]: "Preference discovery and experimentation," Theoretical Economics.


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