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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 04-28-2017

Levine, David K and Andrea Mattozzi [2017-03-22]: "Voter Turnout with Peer Punishment," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Heifetz, Aviad and Willemien Kets [2017-03-20]: "Robust multiplicity with a grain of naiveté," Theoretical Economics.

Chade, Hector and Jan Eeckhout [2017-03-14]: "Matching information," Theoretical Economics.

Auster, Sarah [2017-02-16]: "Robust contracting under common value uncertainty," Theoretical Economics.

Jonsson, Adam and Mark Voorneveld [2017-02-14]: "The limit of discounted utilitarianism," Theoretical Economics.

Stovall, John E. [2017-02-14]: "Temptation with uncertain normative preference," Theoretical Economics.

Wagner, Peter A. [2017-02-10]: "Who goes first? Strategic delay under information asymmetry," Theoretical Economics.

Baisa, Brian [2017-02-01]: "Auction design without quasilinear preferences," Theoretical Economics.

Bich, Philippe and Rida Laraki [2017-02-01]: "On the existence of approximate equilibria and sharing rule solutions in discontinuous games," Theoretical Economics.

Bonatti, Alessandro and Johannes Hörner [2017-02-01]: "Career concerns with exponential learning," Theoretical Economics.

Dean, Mark and Pietro Ortoleva [2017-02-01]: "Allais, Ellsberg, and preferences for hedging," Theoretical Economics.

Dziubiński, Marcin Konrad and Sanjeev Goyal [2017-02-01]: "How do you defend a network?," Theoretical Economics.

Fu, Hu, Robert Kleinberg, Ron Lavi and Rann Smorodinsky [2017-02-01]: "Job security, stability and production efficiency," Theoretical Economics.

Gerber, Anke and Salvador Barberà [2017-02-01]: "Sequential voting and agenda manipulation," Theoretical Economics.

Kirkegaard, René [2017-02-01]: "A unifying approach to incentive compatibility in moral hazard problems," Theoretical Economics.

Mezzetti, Claudio and Ludovic Renou [2017-02-01]: "Repeated Nash implementation," Theoretical Economics.

Pycia, Marek and M. Utku Ünver [2017-02-01]: "Incentive compatible allocation and exchange of discrete resources," Theoretical Economics.

Suzuki, Toru [2017-02-01]: "Directives, expressives, and motivation," Theoretical Economics.

Szentes, Balázs and Péter Eső [2017-02-01]: "Dynamic contracting: an irrelevance theorem," Theoretical Economics.

Ye, Lixin and Chenglin Zhang [2017-02-01]: "Monopolistic nonlinear pricing with consumer entry," Theoretical Economics.

Sprumont, Yves [2017-01-19]: "Ranking by rating," Theoretical Economics.

Hernando-Veciana, Angel and Fabio Michelucci [2017-01-12]: "Inefficient rushes in auctions," Theoretical Economics.


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