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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 09-20-2014

Lobel, Ilan and Evan Sadler [2014-09-02]: "Information diffusion in networks through social learning," Theoretical Economics.

Ostrovsky, Michael and Renato Paes Leme [2014-09-02]: "Gross substitutes and endowed assignment valuations," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K and Salvatore Modica [2014-08-16]: "Peer Discipline and Incentives Within Groups," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Dreber, Anna , Drew Fudenberg, David K Levine and David G Rand [2014-08-07]: "Altruism and Self Control," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Kamada, Yuichiro and Drew Fudenberg [2014-07-31]: "Rationalizable partition-confirmed equilibrium," Theoretical Economics.

Abreu, Dilip, David G. Pearce and Ennio Stacchetti [2014-07-14]: "One-sided uncertainty and delay in reputational bargaining," Theoretical Economics.

Prat, Andrea, Joan de Martí and Antoni Calvó-Armengol [2014-07-01]: "Communication and influence," Theoretical Economics.

Sugaya, Takuo [2014-07-01]: "Characterizing the limit set of PPE payoffs with unequal discounting," Theoretical Economics.

Sher, Itai and Rakesh Vohra [2014-05-28]: "Price discrimination through communication," Theoretical Economics.


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