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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 05-03-2015

Arribillaga, R. Pablo and Jordi Massó [2015-04-29]: "Comparing generalized median voter schemes according to their manipulability," Theoretical Economics.

Cerreia-Vioglio, Simone [2015-04-22]: "Objective rationality and uncertainty averse preferences," Theoretical Economics.

Bergemann, Dirk and Stephen Morris [2015-04-21]: "Bayes correlated equilibrium and the comparison of information structures in games," Theoretical Economics.

Carbajal, Juan Carlos and Jeffrey C. Ely [2015-03-15]: "A model of price discrimination under loss aversion and state-contingent reference points," Theoretical Economics.

Frei, Christoph and Benjamin Bernard [2015-03-12]: "The folk theorem with imperfect public information in continuous time," Theoretical Economics.

Velez, Rodrigo A. [2015-03-02]: "Fairness and externalities," Theoretical Economics.

Belhaj, Mohamed, Sebatian Bervoets and Frédéric Deroïan [2015-02-17]: "Efficient networks in games with local complementarities," Theoretical Economics.

Sandholm, William H. and Mathias Staudigl [2015-02-10]: "Large deviations and stochastic stability in the small noise double limit," Theoretical Economics.

Harrison, Rodrigo and Roger Lagunoff [2015-02-09]: "Tipping Points and Business-as-Usual in a Global Carbon Commons," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Chiappori, Pierre-André and Philip J. Reny [2015-02-04]: "Matching to share risk," Theoretical Economics.

Ulbricht, Robert [2015-02-04]: "Optimal delegated search with adverse selection and moral hazard," Theoretical Economics.

Chandrasekher, Madhav [2015-01-30]: "Unraveling in a repeated moral hazard model with multiple agents," Theoretical Economics.

Cherchye, Laurens, Thomas Demuynck and Bram De Rock [2015-01-30]: "Is utility transferable? a revealed preference analysis," Theoretical Economics.

Heller, Yuval [2015-01-30]: "Three steps ahead," Theoretical Economics.

Hellmann, Tobias and Frank Riedel [2015-01-30]: "The Foster-Hart measure of riskiness for general gambles," Theoretical Economics.

Keller, Godfrey and Sven Rady [2015-01-30]: "Breakdowns," Theoretical Economics.

Sandholm, William H., Olivier Tercieux and Daisuke Oyama [2015-01-30]: "Sampling best response dynamics and deterministic equilibrium selection," Theoretical Economics.

Wiseman, Thomas and Marcin Peski [2015-01-30]: "A folk theorem for stochastic games with infrequent state changes," Theoretical Economics.

Wolitzky, Alexander [2015-01-30]: "Communication with tokens in repeated games on networks," Theoretical Economics.

Yu, Haomiao, M. Ali Khan, Kali P. Rath and Yeneng Sun [2015-01-30]: "Strategic uncertainty and the ex-post Nash property in large games," Theoretical Economics.

Dutta, Rohan , David K Levine and Salvatore Modica [2015-01-25]: "Collusion, Randomization, and Leadership in Groups," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Yildiz, Muhamet, Daron Acemoglu and Victor Chernozhukov [2015-01-25]: "Fragility of asymptotic agreement under Bayesian learning," Theoretical Economics.

Chen, W , Y Chen and D Levine [2015-01-24]: "A Unifying Learning Framework for Building Artificial Game-Playing Agents," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Yildiz, Muhamet and Jonathan Weinstein [2015-01-23]: "Reputation without commitment in finitely-repeated games," Theoretical Economics.


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