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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 06-16-2019

Baisa, Brian and Justin Burkett [2019-06-14]: "Discriminatory price auctions with resale and optimal quantity caps," Theoretical Economics.

Dutta, Bhaskar and Hannu Vartiainen [2019-06-14]: "Coalition formation and history dependence," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K, Andrea Mattozzi and Salvatore Modica [2019-06-01]: "Trade Associations: Why Not Cartels?," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Awaya, Yu and Vijay Krishna [2019-05-28]: "Communication and cooperation in repeated games," Theoretical Economics.

Cripps, Martin W. and Caroline D. Thomas [2019-05-28]: "Strategic experimentation in queues," Theoretical Economics.

Doraszelski, Ulrich and Juan F. Escobar [2019-05-28]: "Protocol invariance and the timing of decisions in dynamic games," Theoretical Economics.

Eguia, Jon X. and Antonio Nicolo [2019-05-28]: "Information and targeted spending," Theoretical Economics.

Gershkov, Alex, Benny Moldovanu and Xianwen Shi [2019-05-28]: "Voting on multiple issues: what to put on the ballot?," Theoretical Economics.

Koessler, Frederic and Vasiliki Skreta [2019-05-28]: "Selling with evidence," Theoretical Economics.

Mackenzie, Andrew [2019-05-28]: "A foundation for probabilistic beliefs with or without atoms," Theoretical Economics.

Massari, Filippo [2019-05-28]: "Market selection in large economies: a matter of luck," Theoretical Economics.

Monzón, Ignacio [2019-05-28]: "Observational learning in large anonymous games," Theoretical Economics.

Pérez-Nievas, Mikel, José I. Conde-Ruiz and Eduardo L. Giménez [2019-05-28]: "Efficiency and endogenous fertility," Theoretical Economics.

Janssen, Maarten and Bernhard Kasberger [2019-05-14]: "On the clock of the combinatorial clock auction," Theoretical Economics.

Austen-Smith, David, Wioletta Dziuda, Bård Harstad and Antoine Loeper [2019-05-06]: "Gridlock and inefficient policy instruments," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K [2019-05-01]: "Radical Markets by Eric Posner and Glen Weyl: a review essay," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Sandholm, William H., Segismundo S. Izquierdo and Luis R. Izquierdo [2019-04-25]: "Best experienced payoff dynamics and cooperation in the Centipede game," Theoretical Economics.

Deb, Joyee and Julio Gonzalez-Diaz [2019-04-15]: "Enforcing social norms: Trust-building and community enforcement," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K [2019-04-07]: "The Reputation Trap," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Richter, Michael and Ariel Rubinstein [2019-04-04]: ""Convex preferences": a new definition," Theoretical Economics.

Dur, Umut, A. Arda Gitmez and Özgür Yılmaz [2019-03-11]: "School choice under partial fairness," Theoretical Economics.

Battaglini, Marco and Rohit Lamba [2019-03-06]: "Optimal dynamic contracting: the first-order approach and beyond," Theoretical Economics.

Ekmekci, Mehmet and M. Bumin Yenmez [2019-03-04]: "Common enrollment in school choice," Theoretical Economics.

Brandl, Florian and Felix Brandt [2019-02-25]: "Justifying optimal play via consistency," Theoretical Economics.

Meyer, Margaret, Inés Moreno de Barreda and Julia Nafziger [2019-02-21]: "Robustness of full revelation in multisender cheap talk," Theoretical Economics.


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