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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 06-01-2023

Fabbri, Giorgio, Silvia Faggian and Giuseppe Freni [2023-05-31]: "On competition for spatially distributed resources in networks," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K and Lee Ohanian [2023-05-27]: "When is Appeasement a Sign of Strength?," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Levine, David K, Salvatore Modica and Junze Sun [2023-05-27]: "Twin Peaks: Expressive Externality in Group Participation," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Banerjee, Soumen, Yi-Chun Chen and Yifei Sun [2023-05-16]: "Direct implementation with evidence," Theoretical Economics.

Allman, Maxwell, Itai Ashlagi and Afshin Nikzad [2023-05-11]: "On rank dominance of tie-breaking rules," Theoretical Economics.

Antler, Yair [2023-05-11]: "Multilevel marketing: pyramid-shaped schemes or exploitative scams?," Theoretical Economics.

Brandt, Felix and Patrick Lederer [2023-05-11]: "Characterizing the top cycle via strategyproofness," Theoretical Economics.

Can, Burak, Mohsen Pourpouneh and Ton Storcken [2023-05-11]: "Distance on matchings: an axiomatic approach," Theoretical Economics.

Dillenberger, David, R. Vijay Krishna and Philipp Sadowski [2023-05-11]: "Subjective information choice processes," Theoretical Economics.

Doligalski, Paweł and Luis E. Rojas [2023-05-11]: "Optimal redistribution with a shadow economy," Theoretical Economics.

Feng, Tangren, Axel Niemeyer and Qinggong Wu [2023-05-11]: "The Limits of Ex Post Implementation without Transfers," Theoretical Economics.

Kaya, Ayça [2023-05-11]: "Paying with information," Theoretical Economics.

Manjunath, Vikram and Thayer Morrill [2023-05-11]: "Interview hoarding," Theoretical Economics.

Olszewski, Wojciech and Ron Siegel [2023-05-11]: "Equilibrium existence in games with ties," Theoretical Economics.

Pereyra, Juan Sebastián and Francisco Silva [2023-05-11]: "Optimal assignment mechanisms with imperfect verification," Theoretical Economics.

Rosato, Antonio [2023-05-11]: "Loss aversion in sequential auctions," Theoretical Economics.

Brandl, Florian and Felix Brandt [2023-04-19]: "A natural adaptive process for collective decision-making," Theoretical Economics.

Lang, Xu and Debasis Mishra [2023-04-18]: "Symmetric reduced form voting," Theoretical Economics.

Patil, Sanket and Yuval Salant [2023-04-05]: "Optimal sample sizes and statistical decision rules," Theoretical Economics.

Hinnosaar, Toomas [2023-03-24]: "Optimal sequential contests," Theoretical Economics.

Auster, Sarah and Nicola Pavoni [2023-03-23]: "Optimal delegation and information transmission under limited awareness," Theoretical Economics.

Zhang, Mengxi [2023-03-21]: "Optimal contests with incomplete information and convex effort costs," Theoretical Economics.

Barilla, César and Duarte Gonçalves [2023-03-16]: "The dynamics of instability," Theoretical Economics.

Fudenberg, Drew and David K Levine [2023-03-15]: "Adjusting to Change in Complex Systems," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Chen, Yu, Matthew Doyle and Francisco M. Gonzalez [2023-03-13]: "Wages as signals of worker mobility," Theoretical Economics.

Nora, Vladyslav and Eyal Winter [2023-03-13]: "Exploiting social influence in networks," Theoretical Economics.

Sun, Yiman [2023-03-09]: "A dynamic model of censorship," Theoretical Economics.

Bohren, J. Aislinn [2023-03-03]: "Persistence in a dynamic moral hazard game," Theoretical Economics.

Kang, Kee-Youn [2023-03-03]: "Digital currency and privacy," Theoretical Economics.

Queirós, Francisco [2023-02-28]: "Asset bubbles and product market competition," Theoretical Economics.

Gretschko, Vitali and Helene Mass [2023-02-23]: "Worst-case equilibria in first-price auctions," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K, Andrea Mattozzi and Salvatore Modica [2023-02-18]: "The Tripartite Auction Folk Theorem," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Corrao, Roberto , Drew Fudenberg and David K Levine [2023-02-15]: "On Concave Functions over Lotteries," Levine's Working Paper Archive.


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