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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 11-21-2019

Erlanson, Albin and Andreas Kleiner [2019-11-19]: "Costly verification in collective decisions," Theoretical Economics.

Heller, Yuval and Amnon Schreiber [2019-11-15]: "Short-term investments and indices of risk," Theoretical Economics.

Li, Anqi and Ming Yang [2019-11-15]: "Optimal incentive contract with endogenous monitoring technology," Theoretical Economics.

Kovach, Matthew [2019-11-12]: "Twisting the truth: foundations of wishful thinking," Theoretical Economics.

Tsakas, Elias [2019-11-05]: "Robust scoring rules," Theoretical Economics.

Baccara, Mariagiovanna, SangMok Lee and Leeat Yariv [2019-11-01]: "Optimal dynamic matching," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K and Salvatore Modica [2019-10-27]: "State Power and Conflict Driven Evolution," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Almagro, Milena and David Andrés-Cerezo [2019-10-25]: "The construction of national identities," Theoretical Economics.

He, Wei and Yeneng Sun [2019-10-14]: "Dynamic games with (almost) perfect information," Theoretical Economics.

Letina, Igor, Shuo Liu and Nick Netzer [2019-10-14]: "Delegating performance evaluation," Theoretical Economics.

Bianchi, Milo and Philippe Jehiel [2019-10-10]: "Bundlers' dilemmas in financial markets with sampling investors," Theoretical Economics.

Gerardi, Dino and Lucas Maestri [2019-10-08]: "Dynamic contracting with limited commitment and the ratchet effect," Theoretical Economics.

Kimya, Mert [2019-10-06]: "Equilibrium coalitional behavior," Theoretical Economics.

Barron, Daniel, George Georgiadis and Jeroen M. Swinkels [2019-09-30]: "Optimal contracts with a risk-taking agent," Theoretical Economics.

Kazumura, Tomoya, Debasis Mishra and Shigehiro Serizawa [2019-09-27]: "Mechanism design without quasilinearity," Theoretical Economics.

Szkup, Michal [2019-09-27]: "Multiplier effect and comparative statics in global games of regime change," Theoretical Economics.

Chade, Hector and Jeroen M. Swinkels [2019-09-20]: "The no-upward-crossing condition, comparative statics, and the moral-hazard problem," Theoretical Economics.

Dasaratha, Krishna and Kevin He [2019-09-19]: "Network structure and naive sequential learning," Theoretical Economics.

Li, Wei and Xu Tan [2019-09-13]: "Locally Bayesian learning in networks," Theoretical Economics.

Olszewski, Wojciech and Ron Siegel [2019-09-04]: "Performance-maximizing large contests," Theoretical Economics.

Baisa, Brian [2019-08-21]: "Efficient multi-unit auctions for normal goods," Theoretical Economics.

Heumann, Tibor [2019-08-08]: "Information design and sequential screening with ex post participation constraint," Theoretical Economics.

Dutta, Rohan , David K Levine and Salvatore Modica [2019-08-06]: "Interventions with Sticky Social Norms: A Critique," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Golosov, Mikhail and Guido Menzio [2019-08-06]: "Agency business cycles," Theoretical Economics.

Au, Pak Hung [2019-08-02]: "The loser's curse in the search for advice," Theoretical Economics.

Auster, Sarah and Piero Gottardi [2019-08-02]: "Competing mechanisms in markets for lemons," Theoretical Economics.

Bloch, Francis, Bhaskar Dutta and Mihai Manea [2019-08-02]: "Efficient partnership formation in networks," Theoretical Economics.

Duncan, Alfred J. M. and Charles Nolan [2019-08-02]: "Disputes, debt and equity," Theoretical Economics.

Kambe, Shinsuke [2019-08-02]: "An N-person war of attrition with the possibility of a non-compromising type," Theoretical Economics.

Loertscher, Simon and Cédric Wasser [2019-08-02]: "Optimal structure and dissolution of partnerships," Theoretical Economics.

Silva, Francisco [2019-08-02]: "Renegotiation proof mechanism design with imperfect type verification," Theoretical Economics.

Szydlowski, Martin [2019-08-02]: "Incentives, project choice, and dynamic multitasking," Theoretical Economics.

Yamamoto, Yuichi [2019-08-02]: "Stochastic games with hidden states," Theoretical Economics.


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