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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 12-08-2023

Levine, David K [2023-12-04]: "Efficiently Breaking the Folk Theorem by Reliably Communicating Long Term Commitments," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Bloch, Francis, Kalyan Chatterjee and Bhaskar Dutta [2023-11-09]: "Attack and interception in networks," Theoretical Economics.

Carroll, Gabriel and Lukas Bolte [2023-11-09]: "Robust contracting under double moral hazard," Theoretical Economics.

Foster, Dean and Sergiu Hart [2023-11-09]: ""Calibeating": beating forecasters at their own game," Theoretical Economics.

Fudenberg, Drew, Giacomo Lanzani and Philipp Strack [2023-11-09]: "Pathwise concentration bounds for Bayesian beliefs," Theoretical Economics.

Han, Xiang [2023-11-09]: "A theory of fair random allocation under priorities," Theoretical Economics.

Hopenhayn, Hugo and Maryam Saeedi [2023-11-09]: "Optimal information disclosure and market outcomes," Theoretical Economics.

Liu, Ce [2023-11-09]: "Stability in repeated matching markets," Theoretical Economics.

Makris, Miltiadis and Ludovic Renou [2023-11-09]: "Information design in multi-stage games," Theoretical Economics.

Onuchic, Paula and Debraj Ray [2023-11-09]: "Conveying value via categories," Theoretical Economics.

Pérez-Nievas, Mikel [2023-11-09]: "Efficiency with endogenous population growth. Do children have too many rights?," Theoretical Economics.

Schulz, Karl, Aleh Tsyvinski and Nicolas Werquin [2023-11-09]: "Generalized compensation principle," Theoretical Economics.

Sugaya, Takuo and Alexander Wolitzky [2023-11-09]: "Bad apples in symmetric repeated games," Theoretical Economics.

Teeple, Keisuke [2023-11-09]: "Surprise and default in general equilibrium," Theoretical Economics.

Louis-Sidois, Charles and Leon Andreas Musolff [2023-10-23]: "Buying voters with uncertain instrumental preferences," Theoretical Economics.

Rincón-Zapatero, Juan Pablo [2023-10-16]: "Existence and uniqueness of solutions to the Bellman equation in stochastic dynamic programming," Theoretical Economics.


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