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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 09-03-2015

Klein, Nicolas [2015-08-14]: "The importance of being honest," Theoretical Economics.

Frick, Mira [2015-08-12]: "Monotone threshold representations," Theoretical Economics.

[2015-08-05]: "," Theoretical Economics.

Chatterji, Shurojit, Arunava Sen and Huaxia Zeng [2015-07-27]: "A characterization of single-peaked preferences via random social choice functions," Theoretical Economics.

Kominers, Scott Duke and Tayfun Sonmez [2015-07-19]: "Matching with slot-specific priorities: theory," Theoretical Economics.

Grant, Simon, Idione Meneghel and Rabee Tourky [2015-06-04]: "Savage games," Theoretical Economics.

Bade, Sophie [2015-05-27]: "Serial dictatorship: the unique optimal allocation rule when information is endogenous," Theoretical Economics.

Baetz, Oliver [2015-05-27]: "Social activity and network formation," Theoretical Economics.

Bouton, Laurent and Gabriele Gratton [2015-05-27]: "Majority runoff elections: strategic voting and Duverger's hypothesis," Theoretical Economics.

Kaya, Ayça and Qingmin Liu [2015-05-27]: "Transparency and price formation," Theoretical Economics.

Kesten, Onur and M. Utku Ünver [2015-05-27]: "A theory of school choice lotteries," Theoretical Economics.

Noguchi, Yuichi [2015-05-27]: "Merging with a set of probability measures: a characterization," Theoretical Economics.

Prat, Andrea, Joan de Martí and Antoni Calvó-Armengol [2015-05-27]: "Communication and influence," Theoretical Economics.

Sarver, Todd and Haluk Ergin [2015-05-27]: "Hidden actions and preferences for timing of resolution of uncertainty," Theoretical Economics.

Serizawa, Shigehiro and Shuhei Morimoto [2015-05-27]: "Strategy-proofness and efficiency with non-quasi-linear preferences: a characterization of minimum price Walrasian rule," Theoretical Economics.

Sher, Itai and Rakesh Vohra [2015-05-27]: "Price discrimination through communication," Theoretical Economics.


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