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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 05-29-2016

Iijima, Ryota and Yuichiro Kamada [2016-05-24]: "Social distance and network structures," Theoretical Economics.

Lester, Benjamin, Ludo Visschers and Ronald Wolthoff [2016-05-23]: "Competing with asking prices," Theoretical Economics.

Moulin, Hervé [2016-05-23]: "One dimensional mechanism design," Theoretical Economics.

[2016-05-18]: "," Theoretical Economics.

Arribillaga, R. Pablo and Jordi Massó [2016-05-18]: "Comparing generalized median voter schemes according to their manipulability," Theoretical Economics.

Bergemann, Dirk and Stephen Morris [2016-05-18]: "Bayes correlated equilibrium and the comparison of information structures in games," Theoretical Economics.

Carbajal, Juan Carlos and Jeffrey C. Ely [2016-05-18]: "A model of price discrimination under loss aversion and state-contingent reference points," Theoretical Economics.

Cerreia-Vioglio, Simone [2016-05-18]: "Objective rationality and uncertainty averse preferences," Theoretical Economics.

Chatterji, Shurojit, Arunava Sen and Huaxia Zeng [2016-05-18]: "A characterization of single-peaked preferences via random social choice functions," Theoretical Economics.

Frei, Christoph and Benjamin Bernard [2016-05-18]: "The folk theorem with imperfect public information in continuous time," Theoretical Economics.

Grant, Simon, Idione Meneghel and Rabee Tourky [2016-05-18]: "Savage games," Theoretical Economics.

Kominers, Scott Duke and Tayfun Sönmez [2016-05-18]: "Matching with slot-specific priorities: theory," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K and Andrea Mattozzi [2016-05-18]: "Voter Participation with Collusive Parties," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Moreno, Diego and John Wooders [2016-05-18]: "Dynamic markets for lemons: performance, liquidity, and policy intervention," Theoretical Economics.

Yıldız, Kemal [2016-05-18]: "List-rationalizable choice," Theoretical Economics.

Block, Juan I and David K Levine [2016-05-15]: "A Folk Theorem with Codes of Conduct," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Levine, David K and Salvatore Modica [2016-05-07]: "Size, Fungibility, and the Strength of Lobbying Organizations," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Daley, Brendan and Philipp Sadowski [2016-05-04]: "Magical thinking: A representation result," Theoretical Economics.

Sugaya, Takuo and Alexander Wolitzky [2016-04-25]: "Bounding equilibrium payoffs in repeated games with private monitoring," Theoretical Economics.

Fragiadakis, Daniel and Peter Troyan [2016-04-20]: "Improving matching under hard distributional constraints," Theoretical Economics.

Ortner, Juan [2016-04-20]: "A theory of political gridlock," Theoretical Economics.

Wang, Zhijian , Yanran Zhou, Jaimie W. Lien, Jie Zheng and Bin Xu [2016-04-13]: "Extortion Can Outperform Generosity in the Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma," Levine's Working Paper Archive - Offsite.

Cuhadaroglu, Tugce [2016-03-24]: "Choosing on influence," Theoretical Economics.

He, Wei, Xiang Sun and Yeneng Sun [2016-03-18]: "Modeling infinitely many agents," Theoretical Economics.

Cho, Wonki Jo and Biung-Ghi Ju [2016-03-03]: "Multinary group identification," Theoretical Economics.

Denti, Tommaso, Maximilian Mihm, Henrique de Oliveira and Kemal Ozbek [2016-03-03]: "Rationally inattentive preferences and hidden information costs," Theoretical Economics.

Ortner, Juan [2016-03-03]: "Durable goods monopoly with stochastic costs," Theoretical Economics.

Dutta, Rohan , David K Levine and Salvatore Modica [2016-02-23]: "Collusion Constrained Equilibrium," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Pycia, Marek and M. Utku Ünver [2016-02-23]: "Incentive compatible allocation and exchange of discrete resources," Theoretical Economics.

Mezzetti, Claudio and Ludovic Renou [2016-02-06]: "Repeated Nash implementation," Theoretical Economics.

Dean, Mark and Pietro Ortoleva [2016-02-03]: "Allais, Ellsberg, and preferences for hedging," Theoretical Economics.

Gerber, Anke and Salvador Barberà [2016-02-01]: "Sequential voting and agenda manipulation," Theoretical Economics.

Fudenberg, Drew and David K Levine [2016-01-31]: "Whither Game Theory?," Levine's Working Paper Archive.


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