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Recent papers on the web of interest to economic theorists. Based on data from RePEc.

Updated on: 05-27-2017

Che, Yeon-Koo and Olivier Tercieux [2017-05-23]: "Payoff equivalence of efficient mechanisms in large matching markets," Theoretical Economics.

Llavador, Humberto and Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau [2017-05-15]: "Inequality reducing properties of progressive income tax schedules: the case of endogenous income," Theoretical Economics.

Dutta, Rohan, David Knudsen Levine and Salvatore Modica [2017-05-12]: "Collusion constrained equilibrium," Theoretical Economics.

Ahn, David S., Federico Echenique and Kota Saito [2017-05-09]: "On path independent stochastic choice," Theoretical Economics.

Nikandrova, Arina and Romans Pancs [2017-05-01]: "Dynamic project selection," Theoretical Economics.

Levine, David K and Andrea Mattozzi [2017-03-22]: "Voter Turnout with Peer Punishment," Levine's Working Paper Archive.

Heifetz, Aviad and Willemien Kets [2017-03-20]: "Robust multiplicity with a grain of naiveté," Theoretical Economics.

Chade, Hector and Jan Eeckhout [2017-03-14]: "Matching information," Theoretical Economics.

Auster, Sarah [2017-02-16]: "Robust contracting under common value uncertainty," Theoretical Economics.

Jonsson, Adam and Mark Voorneveld [2017-02-14]: "The limit of discounted utilitarianism," Theoretical Economics.

Stovall, John E. [2017-02-14]: "Temptation with uncertain normative preference," Theoretical Economics.

Wagner, Peter A. [2017-02-10]: "Who goes first? Strategic delay under information asymmetry," Theoretical Economics.


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