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10/01/2018 Levine, D. K., A. Mattozzi and S. Modica [2018]: "Trade Associations: Why Not Cartels?," EUI
08/13/2018 Dutta, R., D. K. Levine and S. Modica [2018]: "Interventions when Social Norms are Endogenous: A Critique," EUI
07/10/2018 Levine, D. K. [2018]: "Introduction to Special Issue in Honor of Lloyd Shapley: Seven Topics in Game Theory," Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming
03/04/2018 Levine, D. K. and S. Modica [2018]: "Survival of the Weakest: Why the West Rules," EUI
02/20/2018 Dutta, R., D. K. Levine and S. Modica [2018]: "Peer Monitoring, Ostracism and the Internalization of Social Norms," EUI
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01/14/2018 Levine, D. K. and A. Mattozzi [2018]: "The Political Economy of Policy Implementation," in ADEMU VoxEU, ed. Ramon Marimon, : , forthcoming
12/05/2017 Dutta, R., D. K. Levine and S. Modica [2018]: "Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don't: Two Masters," Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming
08/17/2017 Block, J. I., D. Fudenberg and D. K. Levine [2018]: "Learning Dynamics Based on Social Comparisons," Theoretical Economics, forthcoming
03/22/2017 Levine, D. K. and A. Mattozzi [2017]: "Voter Turnout with Peer Punishment," EUI