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Fall 1998

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Fall 1998 (Tue 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM Rolfe 1200) (Thu 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM Rolfe 1200)


Click on the lecture in the schedule below for the slides.

Problem sets may be changed. Please check the discussion page to learn when the final versions of problems sets are posted. Problem sets are due at the beginning of lecture on the indicated date.




Assignment Due

reading in Bierman and Fernandez

Other Material

1 Thu Oct 1 Monopoly     Spreadsheet
  Section NO MEETING      
2 Tue Oct 6 Duopoly and the Prisoner's Dilemma   1.1-1.4 Instructions for Public Goods Experiment
  Thu Oct 8 Dominance and the Second Price Auction   1.5  
  Section Lagrange Multipliers review problems, review answers    
3 Tue Oct 13 Iterated Dominance and the Cournot Model     Spreadsheet
  Thu Oct 15 Nash Equilibrium and Coordination Games PS#1 1.6,1.7  
  Section Second Price Auctions      
4 Tue Oct 20 Cournot, Bertrand   2.1-2.5  
  Thu Oct 22 Subgame Perfect Equilibrium   6.1-6.6  
  Section Review PS#1      
5 Tue Oct 27 Information Sets and the Normal Form   15.1,15.2  
  Thu Oct 29 Stackelberg Equilibrium and Precommitment PS#2 6.7  
  Section The Cournot Model      
6 Tue Nov 3 Discounting   9.5  
  Thu Nov 5 Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma   9.1-9.5  
  Section Review PS#2      
7 Tue Nov 10 MIDTERM EXAM midterm answers, midterm scores    
  Thu Nov 12 The Folk Theorem   9.1-9.5  
  Section NO MEETING      
8 Tue Nov 17 Long Run versus Short Run PS#3    
  Thu Nov 19 Probability Theory, Conditional Probability and Bayes Law   15.3, 15.12  
  Section Return and review midterm, Review PS#3      
9 Tue Nov 24 Expected Utility Theory   10.1-10.8 Spreadsheet
  Thu Nov 26 THANKSGIVING      
  Section NO MEETING      
10 Tue Dec 1 Mixed Strategy Equilibrium   10.4 Spreadsheet
  Thu Dec 3 Dynamic Programming PS#4    
  Section War of Attrition      
11 Tue Dec 8 Types and Incomplete Information Cournot Competition   13.1-13.3  
  Thu Dec 10 The Revelation Principle   13.4-13.5  
  Section Review PS#4 review problems, review answers    
12 Thu Dec 17 FINAL EXAM 8:00AM - 11:00AM

11:30AM - 2:30PM [Makeup]

final answers, final scores